White Fields Calvary Church

Jews For Jesus: Christ In the Passover

Sunday Apr 14, 2019 - 6:30pm

What is the significance of Passover? How does Jesus fit into it? Why do we really celebrate communion?

Join us for an amazing night of rich teaching as Tzachi Danor, a missionary for Jews For Jesus, shows the prophetic link between the ancient Hebrew festival of redemption known as Passover and Christ as the Lamb of God.  Through Scripture as well as the visual items to walk through a Jewish Passover meal, you will see the story of the Exodus together with the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The words Jesus spoke in the upper room during His last supper with His disciples comes alive as each Hebraic item is carefully explained – all which point to Jesus Christ as the Passover Lamb.  Christ in the Passover will deepen your communion experience and illuminate Scripture in a powerful way. All are welcome to join.

To find out more about Jews For Jesus, visit their website here


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