White Fields Calvary Church

Canada Day Weekend BBQ

Sunday Jun 30, 2019 - 12:30pm

It’s Canada Day weekend and nothing says Canada Day like a BBQ. We’re going to ramp up our monthly Agape Feast tradition by taking it outside. There will be delicious food, games and great weather (we hope!). It’s a great way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon on the long weekend with one another. Invite your neighbor’s, friends or coworkers!

Please, bring your own meat (or veggie burgers!) and buns. Also please bring a side dish/salad and dessert to share! Cups, plates, utensils, and beverages will be supplied. Including some extra hotdogs.

WE ARE IN NEED OF GRILLS!!! If anyone would like to volunteer their grill(s) for this meal we would sure appreciate it. Will will need about 4-5 barbeques and cooks. Please contact admin@whitefields.ca! Men, this is a chance to show off your grilling skills.


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