White Fields Calvary Church

Music & Worship

Our prayer is that a lifestyle of musical worship would be our natural response to knowing who God is through His word.

Attention musicians, singers, worshipers…

Every Thursday evenings at 7pm at the Ministry Center we come together to worship and play music for our God. This is an amazing way to connect with this ministry, to get to know one another more and to worship. If you would like to join us, let us know! Email colin@whitefields.ca

Our worship of God may be expressed in many forms. Throughout scripture God consistently expresses His desire for us to sing His praises through music and song.  Musicians meet regularly (practices and worship nights) to nurture a lifestyle of worship that we pray flows into all aspects of church life. We see music as an integral part of our worship of God and our proclamation of Jesus. Thus, we focus on songs that declare biblical truth which in turn stirs our hearts to a spiritual, intellectual and emotional response to the work of Christ in our lives. The music at White Fields isn’t just filler on Sunday mornings before a sermon. It is essential for our spiritual health. Worship of Jesus should be our greatest desire!

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